French Press Coffee Review

French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea MakerFrench Press Coffee

Finding a really good French press coffee isn’t often the easiest thing to do because there are many currently on the market professing to be better than the one sitting next to it. For this reason, we branched out, carried out a great deal of research and developed our own list of the best French press coffee brewers on the market. No matter what you wish to brew, no matter if it’s coffee, espresso or tea, we have one that will definitely work for you– the Bean Envy 34 OZ French Press Coffee.
This French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker may just be a little something that is ideal for your kitchen counter– continue reading forward to find out if it’s a thing you will be interested in.

Perfect Coffee Experience

Using the Bean Envy French Press Coffee in your home kitchen, you will be able to instantly take yourself to an ideal coffee experience. It will almost feel as though you have your own skilled barista in your kitchen. No matter what exactly you’re doing, whether or not you’re indulging in a cup of coffee on your own, entertaining guests or giving the French press coffee brewer as a gift, complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Included in the Pack

In this box, you’ll receive everything you need to have in order to begin brewing a cup of a coffee straightaway. This is a great package that includes two coffee products all packed in one package. There’s a handheld electric milk frother together with a stand. This is perfect for producing lattes and cappuccinos. There’s also an additional filter screen and of course, a user’s manual which is very easy to follow.

Great Quality

It goes without pointing out– not all coffee machine are the same, especially when it pertains to a French press. The French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker is made of the best quality materials. The borosilicate glass carafe is shock resisting and the machine itself is BPA-free plastic. On the carafe, there’s a 16-ounce watermark.

Different Functions

The press can be used for a selection of other applications besides simply producing a cupful of coffee. You can additionally use it making tea, but that’s not all. It can be employed in order to juice berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and more. You could also use it to rinse quinoa, strain the liquid coming from frozen vegetables and rehydrate dried foods. All you have to do is swap the extra filter screen (included) for some other uses when you wish to do more than just make coffee.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

There are a service guarantee and a lifetime warranty on this product. So you can purchase it without needing to worry about a thing. That means if for one reason or another you’re not 100% satisfied . You can get in touch with the company immediately and have your cash back.


So there you have it– a good French press coffee brewer. Which you can easily put at the top of your list. In case you’re seeking an impressive cup of coffee which tastes as if a specialist made it.  Well then look no further you’ve found the French Press Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker.