Secura French Press Coffee Maker Review

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee MakerSecura French Press Coffee Maker

Among the best brands of this particular type of brewing device, is the Secura French Press Coffee Maker. This applies especially to the 50-Ounces/ 1.5-liter capacity model. Merely by simply looking at it, you can already feel the modern and future-like vibe it gives off.

The remarkable factor regarding the French press is simply that you get a complete flavor from your coffee grounds. Which you usually can’t get from drip-based electric coffee makers. Although it calls for some manual work, your work is taken care of by a delicious and great brew. However, not all of the coffee press machines are built the same. There are always those which will be distinct from the others.

However looking nice is not all this item is good for, the great mouth-watering coffee it produces is just what sells it. However, how does this accomplish it? Well, find out below.

Specifications of the Secura French Press Coffee Maker

This particular Secura French press features a sturdy 18/10 stainless-steel design. It comes with a 3-layered stainless steel filter system for an absolutely rich and also granule-free caffeine concoction. Simple to clean, light-weight, and also the 50-ounce capacity makes certain you got hot coffee for everybody. Additionally, it has a sleek and polished style.
From looking at its brand, you could observe the numbers 18/10 upon it. That just signifies the composition quality of the stainless-steel material which it is built from, in ratio, and that is chromium/nickel, respectively. All you will need to know this number is that this composition percentage is high tier and high-grade, and is additionally made to last a lot longer than many other products.

Features of the Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Both the interior and exterior of this unit is created from 18/10 stainless-steel, which in turn is top-notch, to state the very least. Additionally, this product includes a double-wall construction, which is supposed to hold on to the hotness of your drinks for longer time periods. So that even if it’s not really a fresh serving anymore, you can still appreciate a warm mug of coffee.

Another advantage of using 18/10 stainless-steel as a building material, besides the superior insulation, is toughness. From accidental drops to unintentional bangs, this particular item build can effortlessly stand up to all that. Moreover, scrapes and dents are also not likely to show up on any one of its surfaces. Moreover, the SterlingPro French Press that is sold a whole lot and has indeed gotten great reviews is made from glass and we’ve never come across any comments that it breaks or so.

Stainless steel can appear mirror-like. Because this coffee press version is made of the same material as well as a higher top quality at that. It’s really not a surprise that it may appear so polished. With that said, you may simply place it in almost any kitchen space or countertop, and it is going to fit right in.

Filtering System of the Secura French Press Coffee Maker

When it comes down to its filtering system, a 3-layered stainless steel filter is used. Additionally, a bonus stainless steel screen is even added to the whole package, which in turn suggests you can help make your infusions a lot more flavorful and improved. Read here regarding the best ways to make the greatest mug of coffee with a French Press.
And compared to paper filters, which are typically used by traditional electric-powered coffee machines, a stainless-steel mesh filter system are able to, in fact, get those essential acids as well as natural oils into the final blend, giving it this richer and fuller taste.

With its 50 ounces (1.5 liters) capacity, you may make 12 fantastic mugs of joe for you and your friends. However, there’s additionally nothing wrong by taking joy in many servings by yourself. So go on, pamper yourself.
When you acquire it, you might expect this device to arrive with a cool touch grip and knob, which makes it simple to pick up and pour with. Plus, its stainless steel components are really easy to take apart for cleaning, and are certainly dishwasher-friendly, together with the body also.
Unfortunately, some customers have stated that the outside can feel really hot even when using ideal steeping water temps. Take care and don’t burn your hands!


In case you are wanting to indulge in an enjoyable and enriched coffee consuming adventure for a while. Well, then the Secura stainless-steel French press coffee maker with stainless steel screen is a worthwhile extra to your household. It’s modern, simple to use, sturdy, and definitely worth every single penny. Every cup is really going to be a delight!

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