STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker Review

Staresso espresso coffee maker

There are so many different types of coffee makers already on the market that you can easily pick from, which makes it hard to make the decision, particularly if you’re just not aware of the various features. At this time, we have an additional one to include in the list– a portable espresso coffee maker. In case that this sounds like the sort of thing you need (if you need it to be portable), then you might just want to have a look at the Staresso espresso coffee maker as it is currently among the very best ones with decent ratings.

We could tell you to head out and invest in this coffee machine as soon as possible, but first, we think you ought to read about it. By doing this, you will have the ability to determine whether it will appropriate for you.


Among one of the greatest features of the Staresso espresso coffee maker would definitely be because it is compact. Regardless of whether you’re going camping outdoors, taking a road trip or simply would like to have a coffee maker with you to the office, then this set from Staresso should be a great option. No matter where you are, having this coffee maker within your grasp, there can be no reason to stand by for your cup of coffee.


Not only is the coffee maker compact, it is also simple to use, which makes it even better. You may manually make use of this coffee maker, without having to use any electricity– batteries aren’t even required. Just a couple of pumps and you will be able to make some amazing espresso from throughout the world. Yes, it truly is that simple to use, which is why plenty of people like it.

Top of the Line Espresso

The espresso this machine is capable of making is top of the line. With this coffee maker, you’ll have a whole lot of flavor and a very little amount of acidity, which in turn will make it easier on your stomach. In addition to Espresso, this coffee machine could make Cappuccino, French coffee, Cold Brew and style coffee. It can also make tea.

Believe it or not, this particular coffee maker employs a good amount of pressure (it consumes to 15 bar) to brew boiling water through the coffee. Because of this, you get much more flavor.


Fast Cold Brew

With Staresso to get you a mug of cold brew coffee, it is going to only take a few minutes, so it is most definitely a fast brewing machine. To us, we believe that is much better than regular cold brew coffee and is just a thing you will have to try for yourself to experience what we’re referring to.

Very easy to Clean

In addition to it being easy to brew coffee in, due to the open design, it is even easy and fast to clean. For you to clean this coffee machine, you really don’t require any form of specific maintenance or unique directions to follow.

Fast Cold Brew

We have employed a variety of machines for a cold brew and we discovered that these take a number of hours to make coffee. With this one right here, as we earlier said, you will only have to wait a couple of minutes to get a great cup of cold brew and to us, this is a very attractive feature.


So there you have it– if you’re searching for a good espresso machine which is portable, then the Staresso espresso coffee maker is an ideal selection for you.